Wedding photographer Cabo San Lucas

Wedding Photographer Cabo San Lucas
About the Photographer:

As you probably already know - my name is Marcel Kaiser.
And I won't talk about myself in "third person" - sorry. That would be ridiculous.
Marcel Kaiser does not do that.

Seriously, I'd like to thank you for stopping by.

I was born and raised in a small town in Germany and something happend at the age of 25 after I quit jobs like Army Helicopter Pilot and Financial Adviser: I developed an interest in photography (more or less by accident). It went that far that I studied Photography and opened my first Studio in 2002 as professional Photographer.
And somehow I ended up in Mexico, (well, Cabo San Lucas to be accurate) where I reopened my business as Photographer in September 2008.
Yes there are some holes to fill in this little curriculum vitae, but honestly you don't wanna know - nothing important, trust me... ;-)

Even though I'm easy going in life, when it comes to my work as Photographer I always give 100 % no matter how big or how small the job is.
Photography is not my passion... It´s my LIFE !
With my german heritage I'm constantly in pursuit of perfection. People who really know me "hate" me sometimes for that.
It literally drives them crazy ;-)
The shoot ain't over till it's over. Everything has to be perfect.
After all it's my name printed on the picture...

Some other random facts about me:
- I'm pretty tall: 1,93m (6.332021 ft)
- I am happily married,
- I don't have a dog, ...yet,
- I like cigars and good red wine.

The name GLEZ Photography comes from
Gonzalez, my wife's last name. I dedicated the company's name to her.

Cabo San Lucas Wedding Photographer Wedding photography Los Cabos Videographer Cabo San Lucas
Marcel - Photographer

Yes, it's me again. Don't worry,
I'll put on a smile on your wedding day ;-)

"A picture a day keeps the doctor away!"

Rosy - Lighting Assistant

Rosy makes sure you're in the right light.

"No light, no picture.
You'll need me ;-)"

Carlos - Photographer
           Los Cabos

He's in charge of your wedding in Cabo San Lucas or anywhere else in Mexico.

"Life's the biggest movie!"


Well, if you are reading this page because you are looking for a photographer for your wedding - then yes you have made already the first and right step. First of all, I personally think the Internet is not really a place to make plans for your wedding. However, this page is getting you closer to making the decision of who will shoot your wedding as well as who will not.

I'm assuming you have already seen the sample wedding photographs in my portfolio, and you are still reading because you liked what you saw. I know you have to take care of much more than just your photographer, but until you call there is not much I can do for you. So, I guess you have to call me now, or if you are shy you can write me a nice Email.

Please keep in mind:
In the end of the day it's the pictures which count. That's why you are visiting this website.
Everything else is just a tool...

O.K. - enough talking for now, from me at least. Whether you'll call me in a minute, write that nice EMail or check another photographer's website, I want to wish you all the best and good luck for your SPECIAL and MEMORABLE DAY.

See you soon,


Wedding Photography
(Are you ready for some history?)

Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception (sometimes referred to as the wedding breakfast in non-US countries). It is a major commercial endeavor that supports the bulk of the efforts for many photography studios or independent photographers.

Like the technology of photography itself, the practice of wedding photography has evolved and grown since the invention of the photographic art form in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. In fact, an early photograph, recorded some 14 years after the fact, may be a recreation for the camera of the 1840 wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. However, in the early days of photography, most couples of more humble means did not hire a photographer to record the actual wedding itself. Until the later half of the 19th century, most people didn’t pose for formal wedding photos during the wedding. Rather, they might pose for a formal photo in their best clothes before or after a wedding. In the late 1860s, more couples started posing in their wedding clothes or sometimes hired a photographer to come to the wedding venue.

Due to the nature of the bulky equipment and lighting issues, wedding photography was largely a studio practice for most of the late 19th century. Over time, technology improved, but many couples still might only pose for a single wedding portrait. Wedding albums started becoming more commonplace towards the 1880s, and the photographer would sometimes include the wedding party in the photographs. Often the wedding gifts would be laid out and recorded in the photographs as well. At the beginning of the 20th century, color photography became available, but was still unreliable and expensive, so most wedding photography was still practiced in black and white. The concept of capturing the wedding "event" came about after the Second World War. Using film roll technology and improved lighting techniques available with the invention of the compact flash bulb, photographers would often show up at a wedding and try to sell the photos later. Despite the initial low quality photographs that often resulted, the competition forced the studio photographers to start working on location.

Initially, professional studio photographers might bring a lot of bulky equipment, thus limiting their ability to record the entire event. Even "candid" photos were more often staged after the ceremony. In the 1970s, the more modern approach to recording the entire wedding event started evolving into the practice as we know it today, including a more "documentary" style of photography.

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